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Native Instruments Releases Evolve Mutations 2 - Read The Review!

If you wish to make some movie or game sound effects than this new music recording software by Native Instruments is definitely for you! Evolve Mutations 2 gives you possibility to set the audio effects to a higher level. Its sound library is 2 GB ! It is just incredible. This gives so much opportunities for the composers of movies and games to find the unique sound effects and textures they need. Also Evolve Mutations 2 offers full comfort. The effort of many sound effect pros, who work in the industry of movies and games, made it possible for Native Instruments to deliver the abilities this music recording software gives, to their consumers in the quite convenient package. Also Evolve Mutations 2 features the new Trigger FX! This feature distinguishes Evolve Mutations 2 from all the other music recording software of the same genre. Using Trigger FX you have the possibility to make inspiring transformations of the sound effects without applying much effort.

The library of Evolve Mutations 2 is divided into 4 parts.

Rhythmic Suites – Vast amount of percussion and other elements used for making rhythms make up 222 beat loops! Distinguished key-mapping offered by this music recording software makes it easy to mix these loops. So you can make “dense” rhytms consisting of many layers without applying much effort.

Percussive Kits – A diverse range of intense percussive hits and cinematic sound effects are offered by this part of Evolve Mutations 2. This category consists of 11 menu-style kits. You have the possibility to make your own beats from the very beginning and feel the completely unique quality of your production.

Stings and Transitions – This category gives you the possibility to put the emotional impact of your sound effects to a new level. You would definitely remember the terrifying or bizzare textures during the movies. You can do it all! Using this section of Evolve Mutations 2.

Tonality and FX – This section offers the possibility of making some incredible soundscapes, to use unique melodic instruments, radio static mixing. To say in a word you will have full possibility to produce completely uniqe sound that will underline your signature on your music production. Also this music recording software offers a brand new Trigger FX feature. You can add highly creative unexpected edge to your audio     effects!


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