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George Duke Soul Treasures Reviewed

American jazz and soul legend George Duke recorded more than 500 ready to go loops exclusively for Native Instruments. George Duke Soul Treasures is really a treasure for instant jazz/soul inspiration for the music producers looking for easy to use jazz/soul musical phrases without the need of digging for samples through crates of dusty vinyl. 

Creators of legendary music recording software, sound engineers from Native Instruments turned George Duke’s jazz/soul musical phrases into perfectly sliced and tempo-synced software that lets musicians easily re-arrange all the slices of phrases to create countless variations of jazz/soul melodies. All the phrases included in the software have harmonic basis, you can fit it to any harmony just by one touch on your keyboard. This means that George Duke Soul Treasures does not require advanced musicianship.

George Duke and his personal sound engineer Erik Zobler using highly sought-after vintage equipment recorded jazz/soul phrases on acoustic, Wurlitzer, Rhodes and Clavinet pianos. Each of the musical phrases are available in two versions – clean and “Tubes & Tapes.”  Sound engineers managed to add warm, authentic, reach flavor to the recorded musical phrases using various analog outboard gear, requisite audio tube optical limiter and Ampex analog tape during the recording process.
George Duke Soul Treasures lets musicians easily re-arrange loops they like to create countless versions of jazz and soul musical phrases. This is achieved thanks to phrases being divided into several slices that can be triggered from any point in the loop individually. Waveform Display allows you adjust tune, volume, attack and other sound parameters while playing. George Duke Soul Treasures also accepts “drag and drop” MIDI files. This gives musicians even more flexibility when working with their music recording software.

The software comes with eight different filter types and sound effects like reverb and delay. All these effects are triggerable via MIDI keyboard. So you have a huge ready to use sonic palette in front of you. 

George Duke is a legendary jazz and soul musician. His career starting from 60s, with George Duke Trio, has been rich, illustrious and successful one. George Duke has won five Grammy Awards. Recently he works on his new project together with Jill Scott. George Duke can be easily distinguished from other musicians for his unique funky style that, beside his own rich discography, can be heard on records by such legends as Billy Cobham, Jean-Luc Ponty, Frank Zappa and “Cannonball” Adderley.