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MASCHINE MIKRO REVIEW by Music Recording Software on Blogspot

Two days ago I had a wonderful opportunity to try out the new MASCHINE MIKRO. This amazing fusion of hardware and software really inspired me. Native Instruments still follows its slogan: The Future of Sound. Now I can say that MASCHINE MIKRO is just another step towards the future of sound. Earlier I dedicated the post to the new MASCHINE. MASCHINE MIKRO is even more perfect than that version of MASCHINE since it gives extra control on your music recording software.

Maschine Mikro consists of the portable hardware controller which is fully integrated with the good old MASCHINE SOFTWARE. The controller is just amazing. I had all the desired hands-on workflow as MASCHINE MIKRO let me to control almost all the software functions via the controller. The thing I like most with Native Instruments’ products is that they always work in an intuitive way. It was my first encounter with MASCHINE MIKRO but I could explore all the grooves and rhythms in a way I desired. Native Instruments promises to provide the updates for MASCHINE MIKRO software frequently. Hopefully it helps the software to meet our needs further.

The key functions of the Maschine sofware can be easily accessed by either using the shortcuts provided by the MIKRO hardware controller or your mouse and keyboard. MASCHINE MIKRO hardware comes with a master knob that gives access to several software functions and 16 back-lit pads with after touch and velocity. I like the sensitivity of these pads. It is extremely lightweight so that you can take it anywhere you like.

Maschine  Mikro’s built-in sequencer is just another wonderful thing about it. I thing creating and arranging patterns have never been this easy before. The sequencer provides two modes: MPC style live recording and XOX drum machine. It provides all the classic groove box functions combined with clip-based concept that allows to work with it intuitively. 

Maschine Mikro can record audio from external and internal sources as well as it allows precise sample playback. You just need a sound card to experience the advantages of high performance sampler. The only limit for the length and the number of samples is the capacity of your comuputer’s RAM. Besides, I think that this is the most convenient sampler for slicing. It also lets you import your own samples: MPC programs and REX2 files. If you use high-quality audio interface the sampler supports up to 24bit/192khz audio.

MASCHINE MIKRO can actually act as a host for any VST or audio units plug-ins from NI. It can host even the VSTs of 3rd party manufacturers. It is fully integrated with brand new KOMPLETE 8 so that you can browse and load all the presets of this Virtual Instruments Bundle. Maschine Mikro provides 16 sound slots that are  divided into two groups. Each slot can hold 4 effects plug-ins and one instrument. So you can calculate yourself the power you get when you use MASCHINE MIKRO as a host. Plug-ins of KONTAKT, Guitar Rig and REAKTOR are included so that you can start by using the new hosting possibility just when you get your MASCHINE MIKRO.

  MASCHINE MIKRO has incredibly user friendly library browser that allows you to access instantly any sound from the extensive MASCHINE library which consists of 6GB of sounds. There are 300 drum kits with 1400 patterns, 18000 samples, 7000 one-shots, 388 sampled instruments, 400 loops, 170 FX/multi-FX presets, 60 demo projects in the library. You virtually get just any sound you may need with MASCHINE MIKRO’s extensive library. The thing that caused my admiration were the multi-sampled acoustic instruments: organs, strings, pianos brass and more. 3 GB – more than 1000 sounds of the MASCHINE MIKRO’s library comes from the compiled elements from KOMPLETE 8.

The effects section of MASCHINE MIKRO was extremely interesting personally for me. Its arsenal is quite powerful consisting of 22 high-quality effects starting from classic effects like reverbs. Eqs and filters advancing to more creative tools like ICE Verb, Freq Shifter, Grain Delay.

MASCHINE MIKRO can be completely integrated with your music recording software. Its software can be used as a VST inside the host sequencer of your DAW. MIDI files can be drag-and-dropped directly to your music recording software as well as you can bring the sample directly from your pc to MASCHINE MIKRO. A single controller can be used to switch between the several instances of MASCHINE MIKRO that are open in your host sequencer. 

You can have a look at the tutorials, overview and even more at MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com’s Youtube Channel (click here).

Instead of official NI price - 399$ - you can purchase MASCHINE MIKRO for 349$ exclusively on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com

KOMPLETE 8 Review - By Music Recording Software on Blogspot

I was quite busy recently and could not manage to dedicate a full review to new KOMPLETE 8, which I’d say takes music recording software to a new level! 

Unfortunately, even now, I do not have enough time to write the full review, so my review of newly released KOMPLETE 8 will be short, but I hope it can help you to clear out what does the brand new KOMPLETE  from Native Instruments offer.

As, I suppose, all of you know KOMPLETE is a complete studio-standard bundle of music recording software – virtual instruments for musicians and producers – professionals and amateurs alike. It’s flexibility to fulfill the needs of just anybody has extended to unbelievable extent. 

KOMPLETE 8 includes 27 full virtual instruments, more than 11’000 presets and 100 GB of samples.
By getting KOMPLETE 8 you get: 

Brand new – the 5th version of KONTAKT – Perhaps the most famous sampling platform in the world.

Guitar Rig 5 Pro – Superb product I’d say. Guitar Rig’s possibilities have gone beyond any borders. I used to prefer Amplitube 2 to Guitar Rigs but this new version really made me change my mind! With Guitar Rig 5 Pro, you have software linked to optimized hardware – the guitar pedal by Native Instruments.

REAKTOR 5.6 – The new version with even wider range of sounds.

Massive, Absynth, Fm8 – and you get what the synthesizer means.

Newly released effects by Native Instruments – Transient Master.

Of course Studio Drummer which I have dedicated full review to.

The important thing is that you could have purchased each of the individual components of KOMPLETE 8 separately, however Native Instruments provides KOMPLETE 8 as a bundle purchase option for full equipment you may need for music recording. Purchasing KOMPLETE 8 is cost efficient. If you had to purchase all of its components separately you would have to pay 3’633$, however KOMPLETE 8 costs 559$ and on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com exclusively you can get it for just 499$!