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KOMPLETE 8 Review - By Music Recording Software on Blogspot

I was quite busy recently and could not manage to dedicate a full review to new KOMPLETE 8, which I’d say takes music recording software to a new level! 

Unfortunately, even now, I do not have enough time to write the full review, so my review of newly released KOMPLETE 8 will be short, but I hope it can help you to clear out what does the brand new KOMPLETE  from Native Instruments offer.

As, I suppose, all of you know KOMPLETE is a complete studio-standard bundle of music recording software – virtual instruments for musicians and producers – professionals and amateurs alike. It’s flexibility to fulfill the needs of just anybody has extended to unbelievable extent. 

KOMPLETE 8 includes 27 full virtual instruments, more than 11’000 presets and 100 GB of samples.
By getting KOMPLETE 8 you get: 

Brand new – the 5th version of KONTAKT – Perhaps the most famous sampling platform in the world.

Guitar Rig 5 Pro – Superb product I’d say. Guitar Rig’s possibilities have gone beyond any borders. I used to prefer Amplitube 2 to Guitar Rigs but this new version really made me change my mind! With Guitar Rig 5 Pro, you have software linked to optimized hardware – the guitar pedal by Native Instruments.

REAKTOR 5.6 – The new version with even wider range of sounds.

Massive, Absynth, Fm8 – and you get what the synthesizer means.

Newly released effects by Native Instruments – Transient Master.

Of course Studio Drummer which I have dedicated full review to.

The important thing is that you could have purchased each of the individual components of KOMPLETE 8 separately, however Native Instruments provides KOMPLETE 8 as a bundle purchase option for full equipment you may need for music recording. Purchasing KOMPLETE 8 is cost efficient. If you had to purchase all of its components separately you would have to pay 3’633$, however KOMPLETE 8 costs 559$ and on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com exclusively you can get it for just 499$!


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