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STUDIO DRUMMER of KOMPLETE 8 - Review By Music Recording Software on Blogspot.Com

Native Instruments announced about the upcoming release of Studio Drummer. This software will become available for purchase on the 1st of September. Native Instruments promises that it will be an incredible realization of a drummer in software. 

Studio Drummer is part of brand new KOMPLETE 8 that will be released on the 1st of September as well. I will dedicate separate posts for each of the important new instruments and effects of KOMPLETE 8 and will also provide the general overview of this ultimate music recording software bundle.

Studio Drumer, as Native Instruments promises, will be loved for its ability to let musicians create realistick drum tracks. Studio Drummer will provide more than 3500 ready-made authentic grooves’ library. This is going to be really huge library. I should admit, I have never had  any “Drumming” virtual instrument with such a huge groove library.  

In fact groove libraries are just great for making the creation of dynamic, lifelike drum tracks easier. Back then, when I started using music recording software, my drum tracks where hugely depended on groove libraries. Only after getting enough experience I managed to create my drum tracks without using the ready-made libraries. STUDIO DRUMMER is equipped with powerful effects and on-board mixer. I think this will make the software able to provide enough usability, tweakability and versatility for amateur and professional musicians alike. For using STUDIO DRUMMER amateurs may just find the beat that suits the track you are working on in the library. Fills and variations provided by the library can provide just the the realistic flavor for your drum tracks.Professional drummers can just hook their e-drums up and they are ready to fly.

What is more, all the 3500 grooves were recorded live to enough provide realism. These grooves of various genres and styles are sure to fit the needs and taste of just any musician.
STUDIO DRUMMER’s has got three acoustic kits - a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit, Sonor SQ2 DRUM System and Pearl Masters Premium Maple kit. Kits include snares by Mapex, Sonor, Ludwig and Masshoff and cymbals by Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste and Masterworks.
The software version of these drum kits required recording of the drum samples that was done at Teldex Studios, in Berlin using the studio’s outboard gear and mics. Studio Drummer has over 17 GB of 24-bit drum samples that make the software able to fully deliver the original sound and responsiveness of the kits.

Studio Drummers mixing environment is going to be user-friendly. Native Instruments declares that the musicians will be able to adjust snare bleed, control stereo overheads and the precision of mic levels, room sound and effects. 

Convolution reverb, warm tape saturation as well as three major effects: the SOLID BUS COMP compressor, TRANSIENT MASTER and SOLID G-EQ  provided by the studio effects section of STUDIO DRUMMER are all for providing realistic sound of the famous drum kits.

Studio Drummer uses KONTAKT 5 as a sampling platform. KONTAKT 5 is Native Instruments’ brand new product and the new STUDIO DRUMMER uses all the new features of the new version of this, perhaps world’s most famous, sampling platform.