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Toontrack Announces That 1.0.5 Version of EZplayer is Released!

Toontrack advises to all its consumers to download this update for EZplayer directly from their account’s download section.

EZplayer 1.0.5 offers some of the features which have never been provided by any of the previous versions of this music recording software. This update offers the support of Electronic EZX . You also will have possibility to access Your MIDI Folder directly from the help menu, that really “makes life much easier.” Also among the new features are map wraps for the latest versions of Addictive Drums, Slate Drums, Ocean Way Drums and Platinum Samples Evil Drums.

Toontrack has also fixed almost all the notable bugs that were in the previous version of EZplayer: You can now “Drag and Drop” in Logic 9, also when you load a file accents will be played back. The arranger tracks are not silent any more. When you dragged files that were not MIDI EZplayer crashed, but after updating this music recording software will not crash in such cases. The velocity can be set to -127 now, without “silencing” the plugin. When you click the “MIDI stepping through in the browser” arrows headers are skipped. When you drag from the Arranger EZplayer automaticly generates shorthands. Also if you have metronome turned on the tempo will automaticly be adjusted to the dragged groove’s tempo. Number of “crash situations” do not lead to crashing any more, thanks to this update of this music recording software. These “crashing situations” of EZplayer were really annoying and that is why Toontrack has tried its best to improve this music recording software so, that there will be much lesser crashes.

As you see, this great new features and fixed bugs make this update worth downloading. So just enter your account at Toontrack’s website, download and install this update, which really offers much to enjoy.

Classic Piano Collection From Native Instruments

After releasing Komplete 6, many customers of Native Instruments were dissapointed. Many people thought that Native Instruments had stopped releasing its great Grand Piano VSTs, but I want to inform you that this information is completely wrong. In fact Native Instruments has released “New York Concert Grand,” “Vienna Concert Grand,” “Berlin Concert Grand” and “Upright Piano” independently from the brand new “Komplete.”

This great collection of Acoustic Pianos is based on the well-known NI engine. I think that is quite enough to guarantee that these famous Acoustic Pianos are amazingly realiscticly reproduced in these music recording software. Native Instruments used special recording technique, with which they managed to record samples of the keys at ten different velocities. Besides that style of recording made it possible to remain different levels of velocity homogeneous.

New York Concert Grand is more like “easy playing” one. You can get impressive sound with even a very slight touch of the keys . This VST provides really highly flexible dynamics. In my opinion this Piano is really great for Solo-Jazz style.
Vienna Concert Grand provides superior power. It’s resonance really seems never to be going to quit. These great characteristics of this music recording software are all provided thaks to the unique design of the original Vienna Concert Grand.

Berlin Concert Grand is really full of life. All the characteristics of this great Grand Piano, which managed to establish new standards for Grand Pianos worldwide, are gathered in this woderful VST. The strenght and freshness of this Grand Pianoreally makes me to qualify it as a MAGICAL INSTRUMENT.

And finally if you just need the traditional sweet sound of piano you should definitely try The Upright Piano. All the characteristics of this piano, which time by time is acknowledged as the BEST CONCERT PIANO by the critics and artists from around the world, are exposed in this music recording software.

Free Music Recording Software - AUDACITY and KRISTAL AUDIO ENGINE


When I think about the free music recording software one of the first thoughts that sparkle in my mind definitely is Audacity. This audio editor is really easy to use. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux.

With Audacity you can easily record live audio. This software also gives you possibility to edit different kinds of audio files (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Aiff, Wav). You can also edit sound files in anyway, like you would do if you were using advanced audio editor having high price. This music recording software also gives you possibility to change the speed or pitch of an audio file. Audacity is very convenient for its easiness and “for its being FREE.” So I consider Audacity as highly recommended audio editor for those who want to get simple, “easy-to-use” software as you have only to enter Audacity’s official website and download this great audio editor.

Kristal Audio Engine

Kristal Audio Engine possibly is the next FREE music recording software that comes to my mind. It is quite powerful multi-track recorder. It also can be used as a mixer and audio sequencer. Kristal Audio looks like a modular system as the main application gives us a mixing console. The software loads live audio input, and audio sequencer as separate Plug-Ins.

Kristal Audio Engine gives you possibility to use 16 audio tracks. Using 32 Bit audio engine of this software you have the possibility to “downmix” to 16, 24 or 32 Bit sound files. On Kristal Audio Engine you also can use ASIO low latency audio driver. This music recording software also has 2 VST insert slots per channel, while there are 3 VST master effect slots. Kristal Audio Engine supports WAV, Aiff, OGG Vorbis and Flac. I would say that Kristal Audio is really great for those who want to start recording mastering and mixing digital audio.

Native Instruments releases FREE KONTAKT 4 PLAYER and FREE KONTAKT LIBRARY!

As you may already know Native Instruments has released Komplete 6, which includes “all new” Kontakt 4, Absynth 5, Guitar Rig 4. But you may not know that Native Instruments has also released the FREE KONTAKT 4 PLAYER And FREE SOUND LIBRARY for Kontak's factory selection. YES! You have the possibility to get this wonderful music recording software absolutely FREELY on Native Instruments' official web-site.

Kontakt 4 is the deserving successor of its great “predcessor” Kontakt 3. Kontakt 4 really annuls all the limitations that has modern music recording software, by its innovative and absolutely wonderfully highly playable instruments. The flexibility of this music recording softwar’s script processing is really unlimited – this gives you possibility to use instruments with the funcionality and musicality never achieved before. As stated in the beginning of this article along with Kontakt 4 free player you also have the possibility to download the FREE KONTAKT FACTORY SELECTION. This release contains 50 premium instruments which gives you great abilities to get the sound you need using brand new version of the well-known music recording software- KONTAKT. The sound library contains famous instruments from KONTAK’s great libraries. You can use all the old Kontakt libraries with Kontakt 4 player. This music recording software also has the support of the Library Browser, which gives you possibility to have gathered all the Kontakt libraries and library-relevant information found on your computer in one folder. You also are given the ability of activating your library, loading the instruments and even launching movies by this wonderful Library Browser. Kontakt 4 Player is also equiped with Performance View. It’s a panel of controls, which gives you ability to change the charachteristics of any KONTAKT Instruments. The Demo version of KONTAKT4 is also included in this release.

So, do not miss this great chance and get it all. IT’S FREE! You Just have to enter Native Instrument’s Official web page and download it.

Native Instrument's Scarbee Jay-Bass Released !

The Bass Legend Continues

Native Instruments new music recording software : Scarbee Jay-Bass Released now

SCARBEE JAY-BASS is a great music recording software for slap and finger bassing. This is an addition to the “Kontakt list” of instruments. Scarbee Jay-Bass recalls the sound and style of late 70s bass playing. Created by Thomas Skarbye, built on the Scarbee Red Bass platform, this music recording software provides the possibility for its users to use the advanced scripting features that was brought by the Scarbee Pre-Bass. When you need slapped or fingered bass sounds Scarbee Jay-Bass may provide great assistans for you with three pick-up positions and a great range of playing techniques.


Realistic slapped and fingered bass sound is vital for those who use music recording software – that is the reason why Scarbee Jay-Bass can not be considered as just a collection of sound samples. As the full strings of a late 70s Jazz Bass, using Scarbee Jay-Bass you also have the possibility to produce the timbre changes that normally occur when you move between low and high fret of a real bass. Jay-Bass really produces a rich and vivid sound that is really “true-to-life.” This music recording software is even so natural that it gives you possibility to slide between chords. Recorded material using SCARBEE JAY-BASS is will fit to your mix so easily that you won’t need any additional processing.

The panel gives you much more than just a visual support for string selection. It shows the information about articulations and hand positions. This feature provides great possibility for Jay-Bass users to learning how to play bass.
SCARBEE JAY-BASS makes complicated scripting that helps you in taking care of string selection, in recognizing chords, in finger alteration, vibrato, release and so on. Besides, the script gives you ability to control every settings including EQ, loading and storing FX presets.. directly using the performance view of this music recording software. Jay-Bass offers more than 6000 samples, it also provides the possibility to capture the full timbre of bass with its 4 velocity layers. All the strings of this music recording software is monophonic that really makes sound more realistic. When using the slide mode, slide speed is determined by the velocity. This music recording software also has its chord mode that gives you ability to get notes automatically assigned to the right strings, even if the chord notes do not arrive at the exact time.
Here are the demo tracks recorded using this music recording software:

Ableton Live 8

Ableton Live is a digital-audio workstation (DAW) software that lets you trigger prerecorded audio with a PC keyboard, mouse, or a MIDI controller. Unlike traditional DAWs, MIDI control makes this music recording software a playable instrument and an audio editor as well as MIDI sequencer. The new Live 8 adds new features found in previous versions, as well as offers new abilities to its users.

Live is great tool for creating and modifying compelling grooves on the fly. Live can also be used as a traditional DAW, providing an Arrangement view where you have possibility to record digital audio and MIDI tracks and also add prerecorded clips, vsts, and effects easily by dragging them from Live’s File Browser section. As with Apple’s Garage Band, you can change the speed of your composition, and the clips will stretch (or warp) so that they have the tempo of the piece without introducing inconvenient audio artifacts that can damage the quality of sound. Unlike GarageBand, Live lets you manipulate clips in a variety of ways. This music recording software gives you ability not only to add or chain together effects (using Live’s built-in effects, Audio Units and VST effects for audio files, and MIDI effects), but also to edit MIDI controller data (change the velocity data on a series of notes, for example), and also gives possibility to edit individual samples for changing such elements as their pitch, volume, and panning.

Drum Racks

May be the most important are Drum Racks. Live provides possibility to drop any sample on a drum machine’s trigger so that, when you tap the Kick Drum button it simply plays that sample. But that’s not the only “wonder” this music recording software offers - imagine that with a double-tap of that button an editing pane magically appears so you have possibility to muck any of the assigned sound’s parameters.

After assigning a sample to a button, you have the possibility to open that sample in a Simpler module (Live’s included sampler instrument) and make changes in its envelope, filter, and LFO (low frequency oscillator) settings. If you have ever worked with any kind of drum machines you would easily understand how useful this feature provided by this music recording software is.

Time Signitures
Live 8 provides several other useful features as well. One is the ability to change the time signiture during the track. To insert a new time signature you just have to click a location, then click the Insert Time Signature Change command from Live’s Insert menu, and type in the time signature you like. When importing MIDI Files into Live this music recording software offers to import their time signature as well and place its Time Signature markers in needed places.

Cosmetically Live is more or less unchanged, this means that its customers and producers are happy with the way this music recording software looks like.
May be the most radical change is the new warping engine, which is guaranteed to raise some disagreements. It's uncontroversial enough at first glance, offering the new Complex Pro warp mode, which gives improved control over the Complex mode that's so popular with DJs and remixers.

Similarly, there's greater flexibility with the Beats mode that DJs have warmed to, though it can still make complete tracks sound rubbish! But there are more fundamental changes afoot, too.

When using the previous version of Live you would have to create a warp marker at a certain point on the timeline and drag it along to the appropriate point in the audio. But now you create a marker on the waveform itself, and drag that to fit the timeline. These warp markers default to transient points, and once you have a marker, you can then nudge the audio along that marker, too.
This system provides various advantages - what you see is what you get, also when dealing with markers that are very close to each other, your possibilities are no longer restricted with a limited timing resolution.

And if you're warping multiple audio channels and flicking between them, it means you get an immediate visual reference as to how things are lining up, which wasn't easy when the timeline itself was being stretched.

This change provided massive uproad when Live 8 Beta version was released, but really only DJs should have reason to complain, as when it comes to warping electronic material on a steady beat, you're dealing with more mouse clicks and sub-menus, as Live tends to put in loads of transient markers you just don't need.

One suggestion I have is to offer a 'DJ mode', in which the default setting is to warp straight, placing just one transient marker right at the start. You can do something similar from within the Preferences, but there should be a front-panel solution.

The next huge leap forward comes with the long-requested Groove Engine. Using previous versions of Live you could only do basic quantising and swing, but the new version of this music recording software gives us possibility to have full-on groove quantisation based around a vast library of groove maps, including everything from the seminal MPC grooves beloved to this day by dance and hip-hop producers, and the quantise mappings of the legendary hip-hop machine that is E-MU's SP1200, right on through to a huge range of real drummers' feels.

Here you can get free trial:

You can see the video tutorials regarding Ableton Live on my blog's Video  File-s section: