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Classic Piano Collection From Native Instruments

After releasing Komplete 6, many customers of Native Instruments were dissapointed. Many people thought that Native Instruments had stopped releasing its great Grand Piano VSTs, but I want to inform you that this information is completely wrong. In fact Native Instruments has released “New York Concert Grand,” “Vienna Concert Grand,” “Berlin Concert Grand” and “Upright Piano” independently from the brand new “Komplete.”

This great collection of Acoustic Pianos is based on the well-known NI engine. I think that is quite enough to guarantee that these famous Acoustic Pianos are amazingly realiscticly reproduced in these music recording software. Native Instruments used special recording technique, with which they managed to record samples of the keys at ten different velocities. Besides that style of recording made it possible to remain different levels of velocity homogeneous.

New York Concert Grand is more like “easy playing” one. You can get impressive sound with even a very slight touch of the keys . This VST provides really highly flexible dynamics. In my opinion this Piano is really great for Solo-Jazz style.
Vienna Concert Grand provides superior power. It’s resonance really seems never to be going to quit. These great characteristics of this music recording software are all provided thaks to the unique design of the original Vienna Concert Grand.

Berlin Concert Grand is really full of life. All the characteristics of this great Grand Piano, which managed to establish new standards for Grand Pianos worldwide, are gathered in this woderful VST. The strenght and freshness of this Grand Pianoreally makes me to qualify it as a MAGICAL INSTRUMENT.

And finally if you just need the traditional sweet sound of piano you should definitely try The Upright Piano. All the characteristics of this piano, which time by time is acknowledged as the BEST CONCERT PIANO by the critics and artists from around the world, are exposed in this music recording software.


The Upright Piano as the "BEST CONCERT PIANO"? Did you take that description from another site and accidentally switch it with the New York / Steinway?


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