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Native Instrument's Scarbee Jay-Bass Released !

The Bass Legend Continues

Native Instruments new music recording software : Scarbee Jay-Bass Released now

SCARBEE JAY-BASS is a great music recording software for slap and finger bassing. This is an addition to the “Kontakt list” of instruments. Scarbee Jay-Bass recalls the sound and style of late 70s bass playing. Created by Thomas Skarbye, built on the Scarbee Red Bass platform, this music recording software provides the possibility for its users to use the advanced scripting features that was brought by the Scarbee Pre-Bass. When you need slapped or fingered bass sounds Scarbee Jay-Bass may provide great assistans for you with three pick-up positions and a great range of playing techniques.


Realistic slapped and fingered bass sound is vital for those who use music recording software – that is the reason why Scarbee Jay-Bass can not be considered as just a collection of sound samples. As the full strings of a late 70s Jazz Bass, using Scarbee Jay-Bass you also have the possibility to produce the timbre changes that normally occur when you move between low and high fret of a real bass. Jay-Bass really produces a rich and vivid sound that is really “true-to-life.” This music recording software is even so natural that it gives you possibility to slide between chords. Recorded material using SCARBEE JAY-BASS is will fit to your mix so easily that you won’t need any additional processing.

The panel gives you much more than just a visual support for string selection. It shows the information about articulations and hand positions. This feature provides great possibility for Jay-Bass users to learning how to play bass.
SCARBEE JAY-BASS makes complicated scripting that helps you in taking care of string selection, in recognizing chords, in finger alteration, vibrato, release and so on. Besides, the script gives you ability to control every settings including EQ, loading and storing FX presets.. directly using the performance view of this music recording software. Jay-Bass offers more than 6000 samples, it also provides the possibility to capture the full timbre of bass with its 4 velocity layers. All the strings of this music recording software is monophonic that really makes sound more realistic. When using the slide mode, slide speed is determined by the velocity. This music recording software also has its chord mode that gives you ability to get notes automatically assigned to the right strings, even if the chord notes do not arrive at the exact time.
Here are the demo tracks recorded using this music recording software:



The only problem I have with Jay Bass is slides.
I can't get slide, although I set notes to play legato, and I hold sustain A-1 key. Any idea about this ?


Well, I have not experienced anything like that. Perhaps the support staff at native instruments can tell you the solution. Try contacting them.


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