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iMASCHINE REVIEW by Music Recording Software on Blogspot

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to try out iMaschine – Native Instruments innovative App for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Thouch®. When I heard Native Instruments’ announcement about this App I thought that playing music using iPod Touch® screen would not be convenient. But yesterday I got sure that I was not right. iMaschine is a wonderful, user-friendly, intuitive sketchpad for beats. iMaschine is fully based on the studio concept of MASCHINE’s groove production. 

I have frequently had times when I am out of the reach of my studio and an idea about new musical track comes to my mind. Unfortunately most of such ideas got lost. But now musicians can make the sketches in the way painters do. iMaschine is for developing song ideas wherever and whenever you would like. iMaschine makes you able to jam a melody on the keyboard, record drums on the 16 pads, sing and record with the built-in audio recorder. You may also create your unique sample banks from any source. As soon as you finish you can export your musical sketches to the full version of either Maschine Mikro or Maschine and finalize your track there. You may also share your track with your friends by uploading it directly to SoundCloud.

Native Instruments designed iMASCHINE to fit the needs of the beat producers of any level and experiencee. Although it is a professional instruments, you do not have to be professional to use it. Native Instruments keeps trying its best to create professional instruments that are usable both for professionals and amateurs alike. You do not need to have any experience with MASCHINE to use iMASCHINE. Its several features including note repeat, on board mixer with six handy effects, threshold-based pad sampling that is extremely intuitive, unique audio recording function and auto loop length make you able to create grooves instantly just whenever you like it.
iMaschine comes with 25 kits, 10 projects and more than 400 individual samples of more than 100 MB and it is unbelievably cheap! You can get it for just 4.99$!