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iMASCHINE REVIEW by Music Recording Software on Blogspot

Yesterday I had a wonderful opportunity to try out iMaschine – Native Instruments innovative App for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Thouch®. When I heard Native Instruments’ announcement about this App I thought that playing music using iPod Touch® screen would not be convenient. But yesterday I got sure that I was not right. iMaschine is a wonderful, user-friendly, intuitive sketchpad for beats. iMaschine is fully based on the studio concept of MASCHINE’s groove production. 

I have frequently had times when I am out of the reach of my studio and an idea about new musical track comes to my mind. Unfortunately most of such ideas got lost. But now musicians can make the sketches in the way painters do. iMaschine is for developing song ideas wherever and whenever you would like. iMaschine makes you able to jam a melody on the keyboard, record drums on the 16 pads, sing and record with the built-in audio recorder. You may also create your unique sample banks from any source. As soon as you finish you can export your musical sketches to the full version of either Maschine Mikro or Maschine and finalize your track there. You may also share your track with your friends by uploading it directly to SoundCloud.

Native Instruments designed iMASCHINE to fit the needs of the beat producers of any level and experiencee. Although it is a professional instruments, you do not have to be professional to use it. Native Instruments keeps trying its best to create professional instruments that are usable both for professionals and amateurs alike. You do not need to have any experience with MASCHINE to use iMASCHINE. Its several features including note repeat, on board mixer with six handy effects, threshold-based pad sampling that is extremely intuitive, unique audio recording function and auto loop length make you able to create grooves instantly just whenever you like it.
iMaschine comes with 25 kits, 10 projects and more than 400 individual samples of more than 100 MB and it is unbelievably cheap! You can get it for just 4.99$! 

Damage By Heavyocity Review by Music Recording Software on Blogspot

I was surfing the net when I came across with an incredibly interesting upcoming release by Native Instruments. I’ve been looking for something like this for a quite a bit of time. Aggressive, thrilling, threatening, dark.. breathtaking DAMAGE – a cinematic percussion with epic edge. I have seen the trailer and listened to the sample recordings by Native Instruments and I am very excited – waiting forward to the 1st of November when Damage by Heavyocity will be available for purchase.

To me DAMAGE seems like an ultimate source of all the jaw-dropping cinematic damage sounds I have ever heard. Visit Music Recording Software on Blogspot’s Youtube Channel To View the TRAILER. The exclusive sound samples express all of the tense atmosphere you can create by damage.  I was listening to the samples and thousands of ideas came to my mind how I could make soundtracks for my favourite sci-fi pieces of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley with the DAMAGE by HEAVYOCITY.

Native Instruments states that DAMAGE offers 30 GB of breathtaking mix of electric and acoustic sounds. You get all the fusing industrial sounds, drama, orchestral drums, 200 deeply sampled percussion sources provided by Percussive Kits.

Native Instruments promises that DAMAGE will be just so user-friendly as all the other latest products offered by them. DAMAGE comes with 700 beat-sliced loops. Which can be used either as menu-style loop suites or single loops that allow you detailed tweaking. DAMAGE is promising to be intuitive so that amateurs can use it just like professionals can.

I like DAMAGE for being unique in some way. This itself means that it can enhance my creativity to yet unreached levels for me. DAMAGE can be fully integrated with your digital audio workstation. DAMAGE comes with automatic tempo sync. You can also use drag-and-drop feature to simply export the MIDI data of a loop you have been working on.  

DAMAGE is also distinguished by its keyswitches that allow you to play effects and remix loops in action. You can create trailers instantly with simply using the unique “Damage Hits” feature. The “Punish” feature can then add the desired pressure.

Damage runs in the free KONTAKT 5 Player or in KONTAKT 5.

I am keenly looking forward to the 1st of November. Hopefully I have a possibility to try out the software as soon as it is released.

Reason 6 Review by Music Recording Software on Blogspot

It was back in 2007 when I had my first experience with Reason. It was version 4.0.  I remember I was just so excited when trying out Reason 6 two days ago as I was when I tried out Reason 4.0 for the first time in 2007. Reason 6 was released on the 30th of September 2011.

For those who do not know, Reason is a wonderful music recording software that combines samplers, hardware synthesizers, sequencers, signal processors and mixers. Reason’s flexibility has always been a point of admiration for me. Its components can be freely interconnected in a needed manner and you can use Reason either as a complete virtual studio for recording or as a collection of virtual instruments which can be used to play and record in other music recording software.

The first thing I noticed about Reason 6 is that it has grown much bigger. It has more features: more sounds, more effects, more abilities, more of almost everything I loved about Reason.  

Reason 6 now comes with modeled mixing console, with built-in EQ, dynamics and advanced routing. I enjoyed it much. It really gives a possibility to get studio grade quality mixing. I also tried out the “radio ready” master bus compressor to give my mixing an extra punch.

Puveriser is another new feature offered by Reason 6. I used it to test how could it put dirty distortion, crunchy compression, flexible modulation and a multimode filter in a single effect. The result I got was satisfying. I think this new feature makes Reason 6 even reacher.

The Echo – This new feature is what I loved most of all from Reason 6! In this playable performance effect the best of modern delays mixes with the organic sounds of old school tape machines and analog circuitry.  

Alligator is another new feature offered by Reason 6. It is extremely useful for amateur musicians. It can easily turn bland pads into rhythmic textures, make blockrocking breaks from boring beats and twist loops radically. It is great both for being easy to use and providing quality results.

Neptune is incredibly interesting new feature from Reason 6. Unfortunately I have not yet had enough experience with it to thoroughly evaluate its possibilities, however I like how it can turn the harmonies played on MIDI keyboard into instant backing vocals. In fact it is a pitch correction and voice synth tool. 

With Reason 6 audio recording has become even easier. This new version of Reason comes with rock solid audio recording and unlimited hard disk tracks.

Reason 6’s famous feature has always been non-destructive time stretch. This means that you can record your track at any tempo, then change the tempo and the track can fit the new tempo without damaging. It was the first feature I tried out two days ago, I wanted to see whether it has even improved or not. I found out that mostly it is the same as it has been in the previous version, but Reason 6 now has non-destructive audio transpose! That is just wonderful! You can record at first and then change the key whenever you like. It is incredibly easy! 

Reason 6’s Recording Meter lets you tune your guitar. 

The Factory Sound Bank of Reason 6 has enlarged by few thousands of new loops and patches for Reason’s Instruments. It also comes with hundreds of patches for brand new Alligator, The Echo, and Pulveriser effects.

Line 6 gutiar and bass amps continue to provide enormous quantity of interesting timbres and tones.

Reason 6 lets you easily export your songs to another music recording software. Only one click is needed to move all the separate mixer channels to individual audio stems of your music recording software. You can either move the channels with effects or without them.

You can have a look at the tutorials, overview and even more atMusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com’s Youtube Channel (click here).

Exclusively on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com – Get Reason 6 For An Unbelievably Cheap Price – 394.99$! This is 50$ less than elsewhere!

MASCHINE MIKRO REVIEW by Music Recording Software on Blogspot

Two days ago I had a wonderful opportunity to try out the new MASCHINE MIKRO. This amazing fusion of hardware and software really inspired me. Native Instruments still follows its slogan: The Future of Sound. Now I can say that MASCHINE MIKRO is just another step towards the future of sound. Earlier I dedicated the post to the new MASCHINE. MASCHINE MIKRO is even more perfect than that version of MASCHINE since it gives extra control on your music recording software.

Maschine Mikro consists of the portable hardware controller which is fully integrated with the good old MASCHINE SOFTWARE. The controller is just amazing. I had all the desired hands-on workflow as MASCHINE MIKRO let me to control almost all the software functions via the controller. The thing I like most with Native Instruments’ products is that they always work in an intuitive way. It was my first encounter with MASCHINE MIKRO but I could explore all the grooves and rhythms in a way I desired. Native Instruments promises to provide the updates for MASCHINE MIKRO software frequently. Hopefully it helps the software to meet our needs further.

The key functions of the Maschine sofware can be easily accessed by either using the shortcuts provided by the MIKRO hardware controller or your mouse and keyboard. MASCHINE MIKRO hardware comes with a master knob that gives access to several software functions and 16 back-lit pads with after touch and velocity. I like the sensitivity of these pads. It is extremely lightweight so that you can take it anywhere you like.

Maschine  Mikro’s built-in sequencer is just another wonderful thing about it. I thing creating and arranging patterns have never been this easy before. The sequencer provides two modes: MPC style live recording and XOX drum machine. It provides all the classic groove box functions combined with clip-based concept that allows to work with it intuitively. 

Maschine Mikro can record audio from external and internal sources as well as it allows precise sample playback. You just need a sound card to experience the advantages of high performance sampler. The only limit for the length and the number of samples is the capacity of your comuputer’s RAM. Besides, I think that this is the most convenient sampler for slicing. It also lets you import your own samples: MPC programs and REX2 files. If you use high-quality audio interface the sampler supports up to 24bit/192khz audio.

MASCHINE MIKRO can actually act as a host for any VST or audio units plug-ins from NI. It can host even the VSTs of 3rd party manufacturers. It is fully integrated with brand new KOMPLETE 8 so that you can browse and load all the presets of this Virtual Instruments Bundle. Maschine Mikro provides 16 sound slots that are  divided into two groups. Each slot can hold 4 effects plug-ins and one instrument. So you can calculate yourself the power you get when you use MASCHINE MIKRO as a host. Plug-ins of KONTAKT, Guitar Rig and REAKTOR are included so that you can start by using the new hosting possibility just when you get your MASCHINE MIKRO.

  MASCHINE MIKRO has incredibly user friendly library browser that allows you to access instantly any sound from the extensive MASCHINE library which consists of 6GB of sounds. There are 300 drum kits with 1400 patterns, 18000 samples, 7000 one-shots, 388 sampled instruments, 400 loops, 170 FX/multi-FX presets, 60 demo projects in the library. You virtually get just any sound you may need with MASCHINE MIKRO’s extensive library. The thing that caused my admiration were the multi-sampled acoustic instruments: organs, strings, pianos brass and more. 3 GB – more than 1000 sounds of the MASCHINE MIKRO’s library comes from the compiled elements from KOMPLETE 8.

The effects section of MASCHINE MIKRO was extremely interesting personally for me. Its arsenal is quite powerful consisting of 22 high-quality effects starting from classic effects like reverbs. Eqs and filters advancing to more creative tools like ICE Verb, Freq Shifter, Grain Delay.

MASCHINE MIKRO can be completely integrated with your music recording software. Its software can be used as a VST inside the host sequencer of your DAW. MIDI files can be drag-and-dropped directly to your music recording software as well as you can bring the sample directly from your pc to MASCHINE MIKRO. A single controller can be used to switch between the several instances of MASCHINE MIKRO that are open in your host sequencer. 

You can have a look at the tutorials, overview and even more at MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com’s Youtube Channel (click here).

Instead of official NI price - 399$ - you can purchase MASCHINE MIKRO for 349$ exclusively on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com

KOMPLETE 8 Review - By Music Recording Software on Blogspot

I was quite busy recently and could not manage to dedicate a full review to new KOMPLETE 8, which I’d say takes music recording software to a new level! 

Unfortunately, even now, I do not have enough time to write the full review, so my review of newly released KOMPLETE 8 will be short, but I hope it can help you to clear out what does the brand new KOMPLETE  from Native Instruments offer.

As, I suppose, all of you know KOMPLETE is a complete studio-standard bundle of music recording software – virtual instruments for musicians and producers – professionals and amateurs alike. It’s flexibility to fulfill the needs of just anybody has extended to unbelievable extent. 

KOMPLETE 8 includes 27 full virtual instruments, more than 11’000 presets and 100 GB of samples.
By getting KOMPLETE 8 you get: 

Brand new – the 5th version of KONTAKT – Perhaps the most famous sampling platform in the world.

Guitar Rig 5 Pro – Superb product I’d say. Guitar Rig’s possibilities have gone beyond any borders. I used to prefer Amplitube 2 to Guitar Rigs but this new version really made me change my mind! With Guitar Rig 5 Pro, you have software linked to optimized hardware – the guitar pedal by Native Instruments.

REAKTOR 5.6 – The new version with even wider range of sounds.

Massive, Absynth, Fm8 – and you get what the synthesizer means.

Newly released effects by Native Instruments – Transient Master.

Of course Studio Drummer which I have dedicated full review to.

The important thing is that you could have purchased each of the individual components of KOMPLETE 8 separately, however Native Instruments provides KOMPLETE 8 as a bundle purchase option for full equipment you may need for music recording. Purchasing KOMPLETE 8 is cost efficient. If you had to purchase all of its components separately you would have to pay 3’633$, however KOMPLETE 8 costs 559$ and on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com exclusively you can get it for just 499$!

STUDIO DRUMMER of KOMPLETE 8 - Review By Music Recording Software on Blogspot.Com

Native Instruments announced about the upcoming release of Studio Drummer. This software will become available for purchase on the 1st of September. Native Instruments promises that it will be an incredible realization of a drummer in software. 

Studio Drummer is part of brand new KOMPLETE 8 that will be released on the 1st of September as well. I will dedicate separate posts for each of the important new instruments and effects of KOMPLETE 8 and will also provide the general overview of this ultimate music recording software bundle.

Studio Drumer, as Native Instruments promises, will be loved for its ability to let musicians create realistick drum tracks. Studio Drummer will provide more than 3500 ready-made authentic grooves’ library. This is going to be really huge library. I should admit, I have never had  any “Drumming” virtual instrument with such a huge groove library.  

In fact groove libraries are just great for making the creation of dynamic, lifelike drum tracks easier. Back then, when I started using music recording software, my drum tracks where hugely depended on groove libraries. Only after getting enough experience I managed to create my drum tracks without using the ready-made libraries. STUDIO DRUMMER is equipped with powerful effects and on-board mixer. I think this will make the software able to provide enough usability, tweakability and versatility for amateur and professional musicians alike. For using STUDIO DRUMMER amateurs may just find the beat that suits the track you are working on in the library. Fills and variations provided by the library can provide just the the realistic flavor for your drum tracks.Professional drummers can just hook their e-drums up and they are ready to fly.

What is more, all the 3500 grooves were recorded live to enough provide realism. These grooves of various genres and styles are sure to fit the needs and taste of just any musician.
STUDIO DRUMMER’s has got three acoustic kits - a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit, Sonor SQ2 DRUM System and Pearl Masters Premium Maple kit. Kits include snares by Mapex, Sonor, Ludwig and Masshoff and cymbals by Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste and Masterworks.
The software version of these drum kits required recording of the drum samples that was done at Teldex Studios, in Berlin using the studio’s outboard gear and mics. Studio Drummer has over 17 GB of 24-bit drum samples that make the software able to fully deliver the original sound and responsiveness of the kits.

Studio Drummers mixing environment is going to be user-friendly. Native Instruments declares that the musicians will be able to adjust snare bleed, control stereo overheads and the precision of mic levels, room sound and effects. 

Convolution reverb, warm tape saturation as well as three major effects: the SOLID BUS COMP compressor, TRANSIENT MASTER and SOLID G-EQ  provided by the studio effects section of STUDIO DRUMMER are all for providing realistic sound of the famous drum kits.

Studio Drummer uses KONTAKT 5 as a sampling platform. KONTAKT 5 is Native Instruments’ brand new product and the new STUDIO DRUMMER uses all the new features of the new version of this, perhaps world’s most famous, sampling platform.

TRAKTOR PRO 2 Review - Music Recording Software on

When I received the information that TRAKTOR PRO 2 had been released, I remember my  anxiety to try out its new features. For those who do not already know, TRAKTOR is the most renowned, DJ program that lets its users mix out of box, create mixes that leave the previous boundaries far away.
The first thing that attracted my interest was the TruWave interface that is part of the new TRAKTOR2 technology. The concept Native Instuments hold there is that they try to visualize everything. Mixing becomes much easier when you have rich waveform visualization especially colored one and TRAKTOR2 does just that!

The interface has become easier to use. This has been a trend Native Instruments continues to follow since the very first version of TRAKTOR was released. I think it is great! I remember it was really tough to get used with the first version of this software, however now it is much easier and even amateurs can start mixing with it in just several hours. That is because the new TRAKTOR 2 technology has made the software more intuitive that in the end has its results in more creativity.

Remixing of tracks on the fly – this is what I really love with TRAKTOR and especially with new TRAKTOR 2 PRO. Any of the four decks can be switched to a Sample Deck and you have possibility to load 16 loops and one-shot samples and remix remix remix!

TRAKTOR2 PRO has a new loop recorder. I like its ability to record loops from the mixer channels, audio interface inputs, master out virtually from anywhere possible. There are four new effects available as well. I especially like Bouncer and Tape Delay of these new effects. With the four new effects TRAKTOR now has over 30 performance effects ready to use in mixing.

Finding the right track has also become more convenient thanks to the full integration of iPod® and iTunes®. Crate Flick cover art browsing also contributes to the added convenience in finding the needed track.

What is more, I adore TRAKTOR’s ability to beat-match my tunes perfectly. Native Instruments implemented their sync concept in TRAKTOR and thanks to that I can just focus on my mixing and it makes Djing performance more exciting experience. In addition multiple EQ and filter types that are built in TRAKTOR PRO 2 offer full frequency spectrum control.

I started using TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 as a controller. However TRAKTOR PRO 2 can be used with any other control software even with the keyboard and mouse.


Where Can I Play Google Guitar ? You Can Play Google Guitar on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com - That's the Answer !

Perhaps I am too late writing this post, but unfortunately til yesterday I had been too busy with my exams to write a post on my blog. However late I may be, I just could not let an amazing Google Logo in honor of Les Paul's birthday pass without being reviewed at MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com

 Last few Google's logos have been exceptionally imaginative. Logo in honor of Martha Graham - one of the most amazing choreographers is its one of the best examples. However it was not until Google Guitar logo that I started spending more than an hour interacting with Google logo. I played several melodies that I love. I even recorded 2 of them and put to my Youtube channel (

 Google guitar consists of 10 tones. Although its capabilities as a "guitar" is quite limited, you can still manage to play wonderful melodies that may be simplified to an octave. People even recorded tracks by mixing several Google logos. Perhaps the best example of it is Billie Jean that was recorded using just Google guitar logo. Google Guitar allows to play both by mouse and keyboard. It can also save up to 30 seconds of melody you have played. So it also acts as a tiny music recording software.

After Google Guitar logo was changed people still demanded for it. This is why I decided to put it here. I have seen a lot of people asking "Where can I play Google Guitar ?" I've put it here on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com, so anyone willing can play Google Guitar logo again, can do
it on this blog.

George Duke Soul Treasures Reviewed

American jazz and soul legend George Duke recorded more than 500 ready to go loops exclusively for Native Instruments. George Duke Soul Treasures is really a treasure for instant jazz/soul inspiration for the music producers looking for easy to use jazz/soul musical phrases without the need of digging for samples through crates of dusty vinyl. 

Creators of legendary music recording software, sound engineers from Native Instruments turned George Duke’s jazz/soul musical phrases into perfectly sliced and tempo-synced software that lets musicians easily re-arrange all the slices of phrases to create countless variations of jazz/soul melodies. All the phrases included in the software have harmonic basis, you can fit it to any harmony just by one touch on your keyboard. This means that George Duke Soul Treasures does not require advanced musicianship.

George Duke and his personal sound engineer Erik Zobler using highly sought-after vintage equipment recorded jazz/soul phrases on acoustic, Wurlitzer, Rhodes and Clavinet pianos. Each of the musical phrases are available in two versions – clean and “Tubes & Tapes.”  Sound engineers managed to add warm, authentic, reach flavor to the recorded musical phrases using various analog outboard gear, requisite audio tube optical limiter and Ampex analog tape during the recording process.
George Duke Soul Treasures lets musicians easily re-arrange loops they like to create countless versions of jazz and soul musical phrases. This is achieved thanks to phrases being divided into several slices that can be triggered from any point in the loop individually. Waveform Display allows you adjust tune, volume, attack and other sound parameters while playing. George Duke Soul Treasures also accepts “drag and drop” MIDI files. This gives musicians even more flexibility when working with their music recording software.

The software comes with eight different filter types and sound effects like reverb and delay. All these effects are triggerable via MIDI keyboard. So you have a huge ready to use sonic palette in front of you. 

George Duke is a legendary jazz and soul musician. His career starting from 60s, with George Duke Trio, has been rich, illustrious and successful one. George Duke has won five Grammy Awards. Recently he works on his new project together with Jill Scott. George Duke can be easily distinguished from other musicians for his unique funky style that, beside his own rich discography, can be heard on records by such legends as Billy Cobham, Jean-Luc Ponty, Frank Zappa and “Cannonball” Adderley.


Native Instruments is following its strategy of making hardware and software a single harmonized unit. The next product of this trend is MASCHINE a MPC style hardware which is fully based on the incredible flexibility of Native Instruments’ computer based software that has made Native Instruments one of the leaders of music recording software market.

MASCHINE.. I was quite excited when I at first heard about this hardware. My excitement grew even stronger when I first touched this hardware. Native Instruments used to say that “MASCHINE is the next step in beat production” and I think it is completely true. This hardware is designed to give musician all the flexibility one may need to feel comfortable while staying focused on the groove. The controllers are incredibly easy to use. In fact they are so intuitive that there is every likelihood that most of the musicians will not need any kind of extra tutorials or self-training to get used to playing with them. This makes MASCHINE a wonderful hardware whether you work within your music recording software or perform in the club. What is more, Native Instruments offers a free 1.5 update for MASCHINE users. I took advantage of this opportunity and I’d like to suggest all of MASCHINE users to do this free upgrade. It is really wonderful.

MASCHINE comes with fully integrated FX that together with incredibly user-friendly sequencer gives possibility to sample, re-sample and use slicing features intuitively. MASCHINE offers all the quality of features which were delivered by iconic MPC. MASCHINE comes with 16 velocity levels, with the intuitive pad layout. It also gives you possibility of importing MPC files. This all is from the side of the hardware but the major advantage of Native Instruments unique hard and soft blending strategy is that the software takes MASCHINE outside the bounds of hardware-only limitations. MASCHINE comes with 6 GB of synths, percussion, strings and drums loops that makes it incredibly  convenient to turn your rough musical sketches into fully professional production easily and in no time.

The conversion from rough musical sketches to fully professional production can be done thanks to MASCHINE’s ability to integrate with your DAW. If you have a good groove in MASCHINE which you want to have professionally developed you can simply drag and drop loops, sections or full tracks into your DAW directly from MASCHINE as either MIDI or audio. After you have dropped your section, loop or full track into your music recording software you can still use MASCHINE as a controller to manage professional effects distribution and processing. If we take in consideration the 6GB base of loops made by experienced beat makers, it becomes clear what power MASCHINE gives to your studio production.

Native Instruments designed MASCHINE not for only studio use, but for live performance as well. MASCHINE gives never yet given convenience when using it for live performance. Beside its incredibly user friendly design it also gives you possibility to control visual feedback as it comes with special buttons that leave no need of mouse and keyboard control.


TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 REVIEW - Native Instruments

Almost a decade ago Native Instruments introduced its first TRAKTOR pioneering in the world of professional DJ software. That was a real revolution at that time. 10 years later the Native Instruments is going to revolutionize the DJ world for the second time with its amazing TRAKTOR KONTROL S4. This is the first fully integrated DJ performance system created by the same team that created the first TRAKTOR 10 years ago.

Well, you may think that I exaggerated a bit in the preceeding paragraph, however the rest of my review article of KONTROL S4 will ensure you that this DJ performance system is really revolutionary that has right to say: Hey, forget all you knew about DJ software and controllers, I am the one that has fused soft and hard in itself and reached perfect harmony ! … And that will be completely right. Even on my first touch with TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 I discovered that even those things that seemed a bit complicated for me could be done easily using this DJ performance system. Revolutionary convenient TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 revealed yet untouched fields of possibilities for me. I guessed how easily could I have learnt all these DJ-ing things if I had had possibility to use TRAKTOR KONTROL S4. Seems like guys at Native Instruments have put all their 10 year experience in TRAKTOR KONTROL S4, which can be used by beginners as well as by professionals.

TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 is composed of 4 channel DJ mixer, the quality of which really surprised me, although I really did not expect any 4 channel mixers to surprise me anymore (at least by quality), an intuitive controller, a soundcard which is built-in (24bit/96khz) and of course the crown of the package is TRAKTOR PRO S4 – TRAKTOR SOFT at its summit. I have been using TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 for about 2-3 weeks now and the supreme advantages I noticed are easy and instant usability, excellent pro features and yet unprecendented portability.

Well, what about the controller. Since controller is probably the most important part of the package, as it connects and harmonizes hardware and software into an integrated whole, I think its comprehensive review is essential. TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 controller has really hard task to perform. It had to guarantee the high convenience in order to provide easy usability of this integrated system of hard and soft. I think it does its job perfectly. The design of sample decks is really innovative. Most of the control over software is provided by two clearly laid-out deck control sections and two effect units which can be assigned to any of four software decks. I can not do without mentioning electomagnetic jog wheels the quality of responsivity of which is really surprising. The controller layout with its rotary knobs create all the comfort and a bit more a DJ may need. 

Well, what about 4 channel mixer. At the first look it really seems not to be different from normal 4 channel mixers with their normal features, of course if we do not take in consideration that it is part of unique DJ performance system. However what makes this 4 channel mixer surprising is its wonderful design which has been elaborated by famous DJs. This 4 channel mixer makes it easy to connect other DJ performance gear like CDJ players, turntables, microphone etc. In the 4 channel mixer you can also find inovative loop recorder. This feature works like a fifth deck, which adds an extra layer to your mix by recording and looping audio while mixing. Convenience is provided by the optional foot controller which can start loop recorder, if you are doing some advanced scratching and both your hands are busy. 

The audio interface is another wonderful feature of TRAKTOR KONTROL S4. I needed this audio card to be itegrated in the system so much for all those times when I had been using external sound cards. This audio interface has the right to be named as the successor of Native Instruments high quality audio cards. It provides all the clarity, power and dynamic range a modern DJ may need for creating wonderful mixes using external CDJ players and turntables, effects, microphones and various MIDI gear. 

TRAKTOR PRO S4 could well be the theme of another, separate article. This software is based on TRAKTOR PRO. It was developed to be fully compatible, to create synergy with TRAKTOR KONTROL S4. All the new features that are introduced by TRAKTOR PRO S4 are designed to help its user to take the full advantage of TRAKTOR KONTROL S4. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention premum ready-made loops that can be combined instantly into the mix. 

I bough TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 with its case that provides special “shelf” to place my laptop. I think that will be very useful on gigs. Its so strange and amazingly convenient - going to mix on a gig and taking just laptop and one average size flight case, where all the rest hardware is placed.