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Where Can I Play Google Guitar ? You Can Play Google Guitar on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com - That's the Answer !

Perhaps I am too late writing this post, but unfortunately til yesterday I had been too busy with my exams to write a post on my blog. However late I may be, I just could not let an amazing Google Logo in honor of Les Paul's birthday pass without being reviewed at MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com

 Last few Google's logos have been exceptionally imaginative. Logo in honor of Martha Graham - one of the most amazing choreographers is its one of the best examples. However it was not until Google Guitar logo that I started spending more than an hour interacting with Google logo. I played several melodies that I love. I even recorded 2 of them and put to my Youtube channel (

 Google guitar consists of 10 tones. Although its capabilities as a "guitar" is quite limited, you can still manage to play wonderful melodies that may be simplified to an octave. People even recorded tracks by mixing several Google logos. Perhaps the best example of it is Billie Jean that was recorded using just Google guitar logo. Google Guitar allows to play both by mouse and keyboard. It can also save up to 30 seconds of melody you have played. So it also acts as a tiny music recording software.

After Google Guitar logo was changed people still demanded for it. This is why I decided to put it here. I have seen a lot of people asking "Where can I play Google Guitar ?" I've put it here on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com, so anyone willing can play Google Guitar logo again, can do
it on this blog.


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