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When I received the information that TRAKTOR PRO 2 had been released, I remember my  anxiety to try out its new features. For those who do not already know, TRAKTOR is the most renowned, DJ program that lets its users mix out of box, create mixes that leave the previous boundaries far away.
The first thing that attracted my interest was the TruWave interface that is part of the new TRAKTOR2 technology. The concept Native Instuments hold there is that they try to visualize everything. Mixing becomes much easier when you have rich waveform visualization especially colored one and TRAKTOR2 does just that!

The interface has become easier to use. This has been a trend Native Instruments continues to follow since the very first version of TRAKTOR was released. I think it is great! I remember it was really tough to get used with the first version of this software, however now it is much easier and even amateurs can start mixing with it in just several hours. That is because the new TRAKTOR 2 technology has made the software more intuitive that in the end has its results in more creativity.

Remixing of tracks on the fly – this is what I really love with TRAKTOR and especially with new TRAKTOR 2 PRO. Any of the four decks can be switched to a Sample Deck and you have possibility to load 16 loops and one-shot samples and remix remix remix!

TRAKTOR2 PRO has a new loop recorder. I like its ability to record loops from the mixer channels, audio interface inputs, master out virtually from anywhere possible. There are four new effects available as well. I especially like Bouncer and Tape Delay of these new effects. With the four new effects TRAKTOR now has over 30 performance effects ready to use in mixing.

Finding the right track has also become more convenient thanks to the full integration of iPod® and iTunes®. Crate Flick cover art browsing also contributes to the added convenience in finding the needed track.

What is more, I adore TRAKTOR’s ability to beat-match my tunes perfectly. Native Instruments implemented their sync concept in TRAKTOR and thanks to that I can just focus on my mixing and it makes Djing performance more exciting experience. In addition multiple EQ and filter types that are built in TRAKTOR PRO 2 offer full frequency spectrum control.

I started using TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 as a controller. However TRAKTOR PRO 2 can be used with any other control software even with the keyboard and mouse.


Where Can I Play Google Guitar ? You Can Play Google Guitar on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com - That's the Answer !

Perhaps I am too late writing this post, but unfortunately til yesterday I had been too busy with my exams to write a post on my blog. However late I may be, I just could not let an amazing Google Logo in honor of Les Paul's birthday pass without being reviewed at MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com

 Last few Google's logos have been exceptionally imaginative. Logo in honor of Martha Graham - one of the most amazing choreographers is its one of the best examples. However it was not until Google Guitar logo that I started spending more than an hour interacting with Google logo. I played several melodies that I love. I even recorded 2 of them and put to my Youtube channel (

 Google guitar consists of 10 tones. Although its capabilities as a "guitar" is quite limited, you can still manage to play wonderful melodies that may be simplified to an octave. People even recorded tracks by mixing several Google logos. Perhaps the best example of it is Billie Jean that was recorded using just Google guitar logo. Google Guitar allows to play both by mouse and keyboard. It can also save up to 30 seconds of melody you have played. So it also acts as a tiny music recording software.

After Google Guitar logo was changed people still demanded for it. This is why I decided to put it here. I have seen a lot of people asking "Where can I play Google Guitar ?" I've put it here on MusicRecordingSoftware.Blogspot.Com, so anyone willing can play Google Guitar logo again, can do
it on this blog.