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Native Instruments is following its strategy of making hardware and software a single harmonized unit. The next product of this trend is MASCHINE a MPC style hardware which is fully based on the incredible flexibility of Native Instruments’ computer based software that has made Native Instruments one of the leaders of music recording software market.

MASCHINE.. I was quite excited when I at first heard about this hardware. My excitement grew even stronger when I first touched this hardware. Native Instruments used to say that “MASCHINE is the next step in beat production” and I think it is completely true. This hardware is designed to give musician all the flexibility one may need to feel comfortable while staying focused on the groove. The controllers are incredibly easy to use. In fact they are so intuitive that there is every likelihood that most of the musicians will not need any kind of extra tutorials or self-training to get used to playing with them. This makes MASCHINE a wonderful hardware whether you work within your music recording software or perform in the club. What is more, Native Instruments offers a free 1.5 update for MASCHINE users. I took advantage of this opportunity and I’d like to suggest all of MASCHINE users to do this free upgrade. It is really wonderful.

MASCHINE comes with fully integrated FX that together with incredibly user-friendly sequencer gives possibility to sample, re-sample and use slicing features intuitively. MASCHINE offers all the quality of features which were delivered by iconic MPC. MASCHINE comes with 16 velocity levels, with the intuitive pad layout. It also gives you possibility of importing MPC files. This all is from the side of the hardware but the major advantage of Native Instruments unique hard and soft blending strategy is that the software takes MASCHINE outside the bounds of hardware-only limitations. MASCHINE comes with 6 GB of synths, percussion, strings and drums loops that makes it incredibly  convenient to turn your rough musical sketches into fully professional production easily and in no time.

The conversion from rough musical sketches to fully professional production can be done thanks to MASCHINE’s ability to integrate with your DAW. If you have a good groove in MASCHINE which you want to have professionally developed you can simply drag and drop loops, sections or full tracks into your DAW directly from MASCHINE as either MIDI or audio. After you have dropped your section, loop or full track into your music recording software you can still use MASCHINE as a controller to manage professional effects distribution and processing. If we take in consideration the 6GB base of loops made by experienced beat makers, it becomes clear what power MASCHINE gives to your studio production.

Native Instruments designed MASCHINE not for only studio use, but for live performance as well. MASCHINE gives never yet given convenience when using it for live performance. Beside its incredibly user friendly design it also gives you possibility to control visual feedback as it comes with special buttons that leave no need of mouse and keyboard control.



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