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Damage By Heavyocity Review by Music Recording Software on Blogspot

I was surfing the net when I came across with an incredibly interesting upcoming release by Native Instruments. I’ve been looking for something like this for a quite a bit of time. Aggressive, thrilling, threatening, dark.. breathtaking DAMAGE – a cinematic percussion with epic edge. I have seen the trailer and listened to the sample recordings by Native Instruments and I am very excited – waiting forward to the 1st of November when Damage by Heavyocity will be available for purchase.

To me DAMAGE seems like an ultimate source of all the jaw-dropping cinematic damage sounds I have ever heard. Visit Music Recording Software on Blogspot’s Youtube Channel To View the TRAILER. The exclusive sound samples express all of the tense atmosphere you can create by damage.  I was listening to the samples and thousands of ideas came to my mind how I could make soundtracks for my favourite sci-fi pieces of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley with the DAMAGE by HEAVYOCITY.

Native Instruments states that DAMAGE offers 30 GB of breathtaking mix of electric and acoustic sounds. You get all the fusing industrial sounds, drama, orchestral drums, 200 deeply sampled percussion sources provided by Percussive Kits.

Native Instruments promises that DAMAGE will be just so user-friendly as all the other latest products offered by them. DAMAGE comes with 700 beat-sliced loops. Which can be used either as menu-style loop suites or single loops that allow you detailed tweaking. DAMAGE is promising to be intuitive so that amateurs can use it just like professionals can.

I like DAMAGE for being unique in some way. This itself means that it can enhance my creativity to yet unreached levels for me. DAMAGE can be fully integrated with your digital audio workstation. DAMAGE comes with automatic tempo sync. You can also use drag-and-drop feature to simply export the MIDI data of a loop you have been working on.  

DAMAGE is also distinguished by its keyswitches that allow you to play effects and remix loops in action. You can create trailers instantly with simply using the unique “Damage Hits” feature. The “Punish” feature can then add the desired pressure.

Damage runs in the free KONTAKT 5 Player or in KONTAKT 5.

I am keenly looking forward to the 1st of November. Hopefully I have a possibility to try out the software as soon as it is released.


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