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Toontrack Announces That 1.0.5 Version of EZplayer is Released!

Toontrack advises to all its consumers to download this update for EZplayer directly from their account’s download section.

EZplayer 1.0.5 offers some of the features which have never been provided by any of the previous versions of this music recording software. This update offers the support of Electronic EZX . You also will have possibility to access Your MIDI Folder directly from the help menu, that really “makes life much easier.” Also among the new features are map wraps for the latest versions of Addictive Drums, Slate Drums, Ocean Way Drums and Platinum Samples Evil Drums.

Toontrack has also fixed almost all the notable bugs that were in the previous version of EZplayer: You can now “Drag and Drop” in Logic 9, also when you load a file accents will be played back. The arranger tracks are not silent any more. When you dragged files that were not MIDI EZplayer crashed, but after updating this music recording software will not crash in such cases. The velocity can be set to -127 now, without “silencing” the plugin. When you click the “MIDI stepping through in the browser” arrows headers are skipped. When you drag from the Arranger EZplayer automaticly generates shorthands. Also if you have metronome turned on the tempo will automaticly be adjusted to the dragged groove’s tempo. Number of “crash situations” do not lead to crashing any more, thanks to this update of this music recording software. These “crashing situations” of EZplayer were really annoying and that is why Toontrack has tried its best to improve this music recording software so, that there will be much lesser crashes.

As you see, this great new features and fixed bugs make this update worth downloading. So just enter your account at Toontrack’s website, download and install this update, which really offers much to enjoy.


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