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Free Music Recording Software - Quartz Audio Master and Anvil Studio

                                                         Qartz Audio Master

Quartz Audio Master provides the possibility of recording, editing and mixing music. This free music recording software has integrated 4 tarcks digital mixer and 16 tracks MIDI sequencer. Quartz Audio Master has 1 (2 channels) audio input and 1 audio output (2 channels). Also you can use some of the basic effects like chorus, phaser, reverb, stereo delay.. – all of which are offered by this free music recording software and make your music more touching, more alive. You can easily import and export musical tracks using this software. Quartz Audio Master also includes juke box, mpeg 3 decoder, lyrics viewer - in case you want to sing karaoke. To say in a word this free music recording software can fulfill all the basic needs for starting recording music. It also gives you possibility too choose either 16 bits/32 Khz sample rate, or 24bits/44.1 Khz sample rate.

Anvil Studio

Anvil Studio is another free music recording software working on Windows platform. Using it you can compose and record music with Midi and audio equipment. Also it gives you possibility to use Midi equipment for sequencing music or just to enjoy playing live music just using your pc. Anvil studio supports standard.Mid and .Wav formats. It includes numerous integrated supports like: rhythm editor or On/Off, Mute, Solo, channel, device, instrument, pan and fader - per track. Anvil Studio also allows you to use some audio effects like reverb, delay. Its EQ and third party direcX effects give you possibility to make your music more effective. This free music recording software also provides possibility to sequence as Midi Master or Slave. Also you are not limited in the number of Midi tracks. So you can easily record audio tracks directly from your sound card’s Mono, Left, Right or Stereo channels. So you have the possibility to start recording your music by just downloading this free music recording software


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