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Music Recording Software - Mastering - iZotope Ozone 4 - Review (Part Two)

Harmonic Exciter 
If you need to add analog character to your master you would be happy to discover that Ozone 4 includes Multiband Harmonic Exciter. With this tool this music recording software gives you possibility of adding tube or tape saturation. You can add sparkle or punch to your recording and accentuate even harmonics. Unique saturation characteristics are being offered by the retro, tape, tube or warm exciter modes all of which you can choose when using Harmonic Exciter. Multiband operation gives you possibility of adding the amount of excitation you need to different ranges of frequency.

Multiband Dynamics
This is probably the most powerful tool offered by this music recording software. This tool is for compressing, limiting, making expansion and gating. You are given the possibility of tuning the dynamics of your mixes independently for up to four different frequency range. This tool definitely gives you unprenendented control over dynamics by its hybrid crossover filters which come with controllable bandwidth and its analog modeled, linear phase.

Mastering Reverb

This music recording software also offers 64-bit reverb module. You have the possibility of adding incredible sense of depth and space to your recordings. The final gloss or sheen is put on the entire mix by this tool, which also preserves the sense of space, which is so difficult to achieve. I personally had been using reverbs on individual tracks before I started using Ozone 4, which gave me possibility to master the entire mix.

Macro Pesets

Ozone 4 offers about 140 presets for mastering recordings. This is great not only for amateur musicians, but for advanced users as well. These pressets are not fixed. They can be adjusted according to your desire by simply using the controls without leaving the preset manager. You simply have to adjust “EQ Boost” “Dynamics Gain” and “Stereo Width” to fit your mix. You are also let to group your favourite Ozone controls to your own MacroFaders.

Ozone Exclusives
Ozone 4 includes 3 exclusives that really distinguishes this music recording software from all the other plug-ins.
User-Definable Routing

This feature lets you create your own custom signal path, in case you need to change the default logical processing order offered by Ozone 4.This can be done simply by opening up Ozone’s Filter Graph and “drag and dropping” modules for re-ordering. There is no need of patch cables!

Undo History 

It is embarassing to discover that you are not able to undo the EQ changes that you have recently made, because your mastering plug-in does not allow you to do this. This certainly is not to happen when you use Ozone 4 as this music recording software solves this problem by including built-in Undo History. All you have to do is simply step back through the list of actions made by you.

Mastering and Visual Feedback

Nowadays when you use mastering plug-ins you often see really huge array of knobs that can make anyone confused. The creators of Ozone 4 tried to solve this problem by adding visual feedback at every step of the mastering process. In fact these visual information is vital for creating the overall sense of what you are doing with your recordings. Besides it makes the process of mastering much easier. Amateur musicians can get the professional sound simply by using this wonderful music recording software.

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