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IK MULTIMEDIA Releases AMPLITUBE 3 - Read The Review Of This Wonderful Music Recording Software

IK multimedia announced about AmpliTube 3 being available for downloading now. From the first look it seems like a worthful successor of its predecessor AmpliTube 2, which in fact was the best guitar tone gear-modeling software.

The new features offered by the upgrade of this great music recording software give you even more possibilities for optimizing your tone. AmpliTube now has 160 models of modern gear and vintage. There are 30 brand new gear models and wonderful effects and 70 re-mastered ones from AmpliTube Metan and Jimi Jendrix included as well. IK Multimedia has used their latest technologies of DSM and VRM to remaster all the models. The number of stopmbox effects has risen to 51, the number of amps – to 31, the number of cabinets to – 15. There are also 17 rack effects included. In fact AmpliTube 3 gives you twice as much gear as were given from AmpliTube 2. The new cabinet has the support of double freely movable microphones. The brand new reverb and ambience effects are now based on impulse. Now you can record tracks as well using this music recording software as AmpliTube 3 has the built-in 4-track recorder and player. AmpliTube 3 also provides the support of new MIDI-LEARN feature, which gives you possibility to learn whatever you want connected with using this music recording software.

Fact is that AmpliTube 3 has gone even further than its predecessor and all of its software and even hardware counterparts. It includes 31 Amps wheareas Guitar Rig 4 includes only 15. People who use Guitar Rig often complain that they are not able to have the rich, expressive sound they need. It is not going to happen when you are using AmpliTube 3. The power brought by this music recording software, the new creative effects, which give you possibility to create completely unique sound really make you think that AmpliTube 3 is the King Of Tone. Using AmpliTube has also become easier. The new drag and drop feature gives you possibility to make experiments for optimizing your tone quickly and easily. In fact you can create with AmpliTube 3 every sound you can imagine and even those you can not right now. Below you can listen to the samples recorded using AmpliTube 3. You can hear by your own ears one of the new peaks music recording software has reached!

SO, MEET THE NEW KING OF TONE – You can download the absolutely free trial of AmpliTube 3 from the IK Multimedia official website and check all of the upgrades this music recording software offers during ten days.



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