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64-Bit Cross Platform For Spectrasonics - New Update For Trilian and Omnisphere - New iPhone And iPod App By Spectrasonics

Specrasonics announced that the new v1.2 updates are to be released for its famous music recording software – Omnisphere and Trilian – which have been used while recording the sound effects for Avatar, Terminator Salvation and many other famous movies. This update lets you use these software as full Mac and Windows 64-bit plug-ins. Several new features are introduced as well by these updates. The first and the most important is an improved browser, then comes new algorithms for synthesizer filter and brand new Sample File Server that gives this music recording software the possibility of going beyond 32-bit memory limits on Mac. Arpeggiator is also having the Triplet support now. The new free iPhone application has also been demonstrated by Spectrasonics at 2010 Namm. This app gives you possibility to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as remote control for Omnisphere’s and Trillian’s Live Mode pages. This update finally enables to use Omnisphere and Trillian with 64-bit Mac DAWs like Logic 9.1.

More convenient browser now is supported by “Favourites” feature that gives you possibility to organize thousands of sounds in the way you like. You can rate the sounds with the stars as well and then sort sounds according to the rating made by you. The updated engine brought by this update makes your music recording software produce sound of higher quality espcially when used with extreme resonance and sweeping sounds.

This update is really great, but the most important thing declared at 2010 NAMM by Spectrasonics was that iPhone or iPod can now be used as the wireless remote control. You can just use the touch screen of your iPod Touch or iPhone to select sound and use all the features offered by the Midi controllers. This is especially useful when performing live – at stage or at rehearsals. It is extremely convenient. It is really worth trying!


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