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Native Instruments - Paranormal Spectrums - Review

Finally Native Instruments has released the first music recording software which is optimized on tension-filled and dark sound aesthetics. Paranormal Spectrums gives you possibility to create horror-genre style atmospheres for video games and movies instantly. It is a powerful weapon in the hands of the modern composer, who now has the possibility of using wide range of horror genre sounds, which are truly terrifying. Most of the sound come from the field recordings of forlorn places. Much of the sounds are combined with the synthesized effects of Absynth and Massive resulting in wonderful horror sound effects. The unique approach by which this music recording software was created lets you enjoy a true playability leading you to the darkest and the strangest corners of this flexible collection.

In fact it is one of the KORE Instruments by Native instruments. It consists of 100 sounds, each of which has 8 variations. So totally this music recording software offers 800 instantly usable permutations. What is more you are let to transform the preset just using the direct control of Kore 2 Player interface, so you can fit each preset to the mood of your desire. This music recording software gives you possibility to use the sounds of fear, panic and horror in your recordings.

WARNING: Sounds provided by this music recording software are not for the faint hearted!


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