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Addictive Drums' New Update - FUNK ADPAK - Reviewed

XLNaudio released Funk ADPAK for addictive drums. This update of the great music recording software - Addictive Drums is focused on modern funk sounds and offers to its consumers to create beautiful funky tracks in no time, just using its 400 funky MIDI Grooves. This update includes completely new Pearl Drumkit, Sabian and Paiste Cymbals and 30 Presets. XLNaudio provided the possibility to regulate sound between a dry sound and big and loud sound by recording both with close mics and with room mics.

Pearl made the individual design for each drum, that made Pearl Reference Series Drumkit probably the best drumkit avialable. In fact each drum is unique. This provides really rich sound that fits almost all the styles. Famous drummers such as Dennis Chambers and Chad Smith play on Pearl Reference Series Drumkit. In my opinion this is quite enough to guarantee the highest quality of this DrumKit and therefore the highest quality of the update of Addictive Drums. The kit of this music recording software update is composed by 22 bass drum, 14 snare drum with really thick body, 4 toms varying from 10” to 16.” Also, as declared above, kit includes Sabian and Paiste cymbals.

Sampling is done with really great care. XLNaudio really managed to get the highest quality they could get. The recordings were held in Stockholm, Sweden. AEA,AKG,Neumann and Telefunken mics and Universal Audio amps were used to get the best quality recordings. All the samples are distinguished with realistic reverb, that finally turns this music recording software update to one of the most realistic drum vsts.

More than 30 Presets that are the part of this update gives you possibility to completely control the sound. You can set the sound from tight to large, from high to low, from thin to fat quite easily. There are several preset categories: Clean, Tight, Natural, Effected and Roomy. You can either use these built in preset categories or change them according to your desire.

All these make the FUNK ADPAK really wonderful drum vst for those who want to record funk tracks. 400 MIDI grooves that come along with this Addictive Drums update gives great possibilities to its users.

Below you can hear some of the demo tracks recorded using this music recording software update:

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