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Play On Alicia's Keys - Native Instruments Releases Brand New Music Recording Software Alicia Keys' Virtual Grand Piano

Native Instruments has released a brand new music recording software – Alicia’s Keys. The colaboration of Thomas Skarbye who is sample specialist and Ernest Cholakis – an impulse response master gave possibility to Alicia Keys of creating a virtual piano that is the perfect reflection of her own musical standards and her beautiful sound that made her famous, multiple Grammy-winning artist.

The samples of this new music recording software was recorded by Alicia Keys herself. Grammy winning sound engineer Ann Mincieli supervised the process of recording. The samples are recorded from Alicia Key’s personal Yamaha C3 Grand Piano, which is absolutely unique and was created specially for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Yamaha’s foundation. With the help of Thomas Skarbye and Nils Liberg, who is Native Instruments’ script wizard, this unique Grand Piano has become avialable for everyone. The team by using vintage mics and preamps and analyzing the very details of Alicia’s playing produced totally 3000 samples in 12 layers of velocity, that is approximately 17 GB WAV. That makes this music recording software realistic. Its users are able to feel all the warmth of the soulful and inspiring sound of Alicia Keys Grand Piano.

This music recording software provides the possibility to enjoy the very details of playing on unique Yamaha C3. The details such as mechanical release noises, unique resonanse and release system, even the sound of fingers hitting keys are all incorporated in this virtual piano. This music recording software is admired by Alicia Keys herself. She said that she felt like she has taken part in creating the best virtual piano and thanked all the team that made it possible for everyone to play on Yamaha C3. Alicia demonstrated her attitude towards this music recording software by using it exclusively in the process of recording her latest album – The Element of Freedom.

Now You Can Play On Alicia's Keys For As Low As 99$


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