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Abbey Road 70s Drums by Native Instruments - Review!

Native Instruments has just released Abbey Road -70s Drums. For those who like NI’s music recording software it will be easy to guess that it is the second part of NI’s collaboration with Abbey Road Studios as Abbey Road – 60s Drums was released some months ago. Abbey Road – 70s Drums is completely made of high quality samples recorded by the most famous drum kits from 1970s in the legendary Abbey Road’s Studio. This music recording software seems great from the very first view: NO EMULATIONS OR MODELING – ONLY SAMPLES! - sounds great.

Sound engineers of Native Instruments and Abbey Roads studio chose two drum kits from 1970s to provide the fascinating quality this music recording software offers. The Open Kit is Ludwig! This kit gives you possibility of recording roomy sound and is really perfect if you’d like to record classic rock. The Tight Kit is 1970s Premier model. This kit provides tight, dry and punchy sound, that definitely recalls the memories of 1970s.

It seems like Native Instruments has reached its peak of improvement the techniques of recording samples. This music recording software gives you possibility of controling the very details of the overall drum sound as the mic signals are all possible to be adjusted separately.

This music recording software also contains an alternative mic setup with the Ludwig. This kind of mic setup was invented by Glyn Johns – who is one of the most famous sound engineers having worked with Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and many other – and is named after his name. So the Glyn Johns method, which means using just two overhead, a snare and a bass drum mics gives you possibility of getting high quality live sound, which is incredibly realistic.

Below you can listen to a demo track recorded by this music recording software, which has really exceeded my expectations.


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