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Music Recording Software - Mastering - iZotope Ozone 4 - Review (Part One)

Mastering is one of the most difficult part of the music recording proccess as it makes difference between a normal recording and a professional sound. After you have recorded all, you need to master your tracks and definitely, I’d say that Izotope Ozone 4 is the best music recording software to use for it.

Ozone 4 offers 10 main features. I’ll try to make a full review of them:

Paragraphic EQ

6 bands of adjustable notch filters and low/high shelf filters as well are combined in Ozone’s paragraphic equalizer. This equalizer has a special EQ mode, that gives you possibility of capturing the snapshots of reference mixes and then use the spectral curve for adjusting the EQ of your project. You are also given the possibility of equalizing the center and the side of the stereo image separately.

IRC Loudness Maximizer

Your music recording software host can provide the level of loudness that may seem quite enough, but when you compare the fullness of your sound to the fullness of the sound of a professional recording it becomes clear that you need Loudness Maximizer. Izotope Ozone provides the possibility to lift the overall audio level and keep the master from clipping at the same time. Ozone’s exclusive intelligent release control technology gives you possibility to set the loudness you need without using any unwanted side effects.

Multiband Stereo Imaging

You can use this feature for adjusting stereo width and imaging. Multiband Stereo Imaging provides possibility of working with up to four frequency bands. This lets you gain control independently according to the stereo width and frequency. Correlation Meter and Vectosrscope, which are integrated in Ozone give you possibility to see the mastering process visually.

Ozone also gives you possibility of converting and dithering to 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 bits. To give an example, this feature can be used to master a recording for CD from a 24bit source.

Mid/Side Processing

For many years sound engineers kept Mid/Side Processing as the secret. But now Ozone gives you possibility to use this feature as well. When using this feature you have stereo information, that comes into the plug-in, converted into mid and side signals. You can easily guess what the result is! You can use all the mastering modules offered by Ozone to master separately the sound that is in the center of your mix and the sound that is on the edges of the stereo image.

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