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The Mouth Review - Native Instruments And Tim Exile

The Mouth is a completely unique way to express your creative musical ideas. Well, personally I was in great need of such music recording software and may be that is why I am so excited about the Mouth. This virtual instrument is the result of another colaboration of Native Instruments and Tim Exile. The result of the first colaboration was The Finger – another wonderful software I am going to write a review of soon. I wanted to review some of the basic features of The Mouth.
The first and may be the most important thing about The Mouth is that it is incredibly easy to use. It creates all the comfort I lacked so much on rehearsals or any kind of live performance. I completely agree with Tim Exile, who says that you do not have to be a KEYNIUS to be a GENIUS ! The Mouth is yet another validation of this phrase. 

So what can you exactly do with this exciting software. You can give any kind of audio to The Mouth whether you sing, give some synthesizer sounds, or even drum loops and beatbox it does not matter, and you are ready to go. When I said that you do not have to be a KEYNIUS I meant that you really do not need to know how to play keyboards. All you need is just a midi keyboard and everything is fine. By using this software the pitch of the sound, you gave earlier to The Mouth, is detected and the software auto-tunes the sound to a musical scale according to a notes received from a MIDI device. This means that you have just to press one key on your keyboard and the sound you gave to The Mouth gets automatically tuned to the corresponding musical scale. If you press another key on your MIDI device the sound will automatically get tuned to another musical scale. This means that your sound will always remain tuned. 

I personally found the interface of The Mouth quite user friendly. At first it seemed a bit confusing, but after I saw the video, which comes right below this post (I advise you to see it), I understood how to use it in a comfortable manner.

Internally there are four generators that are responsible for crafting the desired sound: Input, Synth, Bass and Vocoder. The mixer section is simple and there are 5 faders which are to manage everything. The mixer comes with a master FX section as well. That means that you can add additional characteristics yo your sound.  Each of the for generators contains numerous sounds (totally 118), which can be easily selected using the preset matrix.
8 performance control knobs are just another feature I liked about The Mouth. These knobs alter both the amplitude and the sound at once. It makes shaping the sound, adding additional harmonies easier.
One last thing I want to mention in my The Mouth Review is its Beats Mode. This mode enables you to generate the excitingly arppegiated sound of the drum patterns that you give to the software. 

Oh, and I almost forgot to say that The Mouth can be used in the free REAKTOR 5 PLAYER, or in the full version of REAKOT 5.5, which gives you possibility to explore all the insides of this software.


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