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Native Instruments releases FREE KONTAKT 4 PLAYER and FREE KONTAKT LIBRARY!

As you may already know Native Instruments has released Komplete 6, which includes “all new” Kontakt 4, Absynth 5, Guitar Rig 4. But you may not know that Native Instruments has also released the FREE KONTAKT 4 PLAYER And FREE SOUND LIBRARY for Kontak's factory selection. YES! You have the possibility to get this wonderful music recording software absolutely FREELY on Native Instruments' official web-site.

Kontakt 4 is the deserving successor of its great “predcessor” Kontakt 3. Kontakt 4 really annuls all the limitations that has modern music recording software, by its innovative and absolutely wonderfully highly playable instruments. The flexibility of this music recording softwar’s script processing is really unlimited – this gives you possibility to use instruments with the funcionality and musicality never achieved before. As stated in the beginning of this article along with Kontakt 4 free player you also have the possibility to download the FREE KONTAKT FACTORY SELECTION. This release contains 50 premium instruments which gives you great abilities to get the sound you need using brand new version of the well-known music recording software- KONTAKT. The sound library contains famous instruments from KONTAK’s great libraries. You can use all the old Kontakt libraries with Kontakt 4 player. This music recording software also has the support of the Library Browser, which gives you possibility to have gathered all the Kontakt libraries and library-relevant information found on your computer in one folder. You also are given the ability of activating your library, loading the instruments and even launching movies by this wonderful Library Browser. Kontakt 4 Player is also equiped with Performance View. It’s a panel of controls, which gives you ability to change the charachteristics of any KONTAKT Instruments. The Demo version of KONTAKT4 is also included in this release.

So, do not miss this great chance and get it all. IT’S FREE! You Just have to enter Native Instrument’s Official web page and download it.


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